Analysis through qEEG / brainmapping

To create an effective training, it is important to accurately analyze the brain activity beforehand. In this way individual strengths and weaknesses are to be detected.


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Seizure disorder / instable disorder

Emotional Analysis Device based on Bio-signals such as Brain Waves
A device which makes it possible for anyone to measure mental states such as depression as conveniently as using a blood pressure gauge 
A device which enables you to measure your emotional state when you have questions such as 

“Are my counselling sessions effective?", 
“Am I stressed? I’ve been feeling uneasy nowadays.", 
“When do I feel depressed?"

About us

The qEEG often marks the starting point of a neurofeedback training to ensure an optimal and individual treatment planning. For every customer a graphic analysis in the form of a heat map is created as well as being discussed and reviewed in detail. Thereby, one is able to identify which activity patterns at which positions of the brain occur more or less often than expected.

Since all data are standardized, the opportunity arises to draw a comparison with other qEEG recordings that have not been made by brainboost Neurofeedback.

In addition to the analysis of a quantitative EEG at brainboost the initial interview comprises an extensive medical anamnesis, i.e. a detailed examination of the current status, of the training goals or the medical history.


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